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Our Process


Developing an authentic high-end custom home requires the foresight of bringing one's vision to reality, coupled with a commitment to excellence from start to completion. Casa Bella Development fulfills dreams through extraordinary home designs, incorporating unique architectural details, and utilizing the finest materials for all aspects of the home. We engage the finest artisans and construction teams in the greater Houston area, who offer meticulous attention to detail and strive for complete client satisfaction. Equally important to Casa Bella are the mutual considerations given to both practicality and the project's budget. Our custom-built luxury homes are a reflection of our clients' dreams, styles and unique personality.

Site Selection

We take a strategic approach to site selection, aware of the significance of choosing the ideal location and its impact on a home's long-term value. Casa Bella homes radiate exclusivity, and strong appeal among the high-end home market. We search from among the most attractive and sought-after communities in our area, focusing on sites that provide long-term stability, sustainable property values and steady appreciation.

Our proven record of success stems from our high standards of excellence and quality, as well as also our commitment to provide our homeowners with a superior home that will remain a sound investment for decades to come. Our compounded approach to site selection by an in-house agent is unparalleled, as we collaborate with other Houston top real estate professionals, financial analysts and property appraisers. This inclusive process provides our homeowners with a stable and valuable investment for the future.

Thorough Design Analysis

Each property developed by Casa Bella Development undergoes a complete analysis to identify the ideal building design for the shape, size, and topography of the lot. Our in-depth analysis allows homeowners to evaluate site-plan developments, as well as test fit options, and view compatibility assessments with nearby properties. Casa Bella's design analysis results in a unique property that is both dazzling and highly marketable.


Custom Home Construction

At Casa Bella, we believe our luxury homes are not defined simply by their style and furnishings, but by timeless artistry and immaculate craftsmanship in home construction. We are pleased to offer limitless options for home designs and architectural styles to achieve a distinctive, tailor-made home that reflects the homeowner's unique personality and lifestyle needs. Our homes distinguishing features and upscale amenities make them superior to other homes in terms of character, beauty, and value.

Each step of our construction process ensures that every facet of our high-end homes is of the highest quality and are constructed with the finest old-world, artisanal skill and care. In addition, Casa Bella homes are designed using cutting-edge home technology options, and can incorporate the newest trends in upscale amenities and room functionality, ultimately increasing the home's long-term value as an investment property. Our homes provide lasting appeal and value to individuals and families that strongly desire their home to reflect exemplary quality, stunning artistry and design, and a smart addition to their investment portfolio.


At Casa Bella Development we are well aware of the importance of the "bottom line". We are adept at working within budget constraints, and our budget recommendations are always made with consideration of the homeowner's best interest in mind, without sacrificing the integrity or beauty of the home. Should they arise, our commitment to an open line of communication with our homeowners, allows them to make informed decisions regarding their budget adherence.